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Tolis has been teaching over the past 10 years as a tutor at the London I.C.M.P. and as a private instructor too. He studied with Shaun Baxter, Mike Outram, Lee Hodgson and Iain Scott. Tolis has a BAHons from Thames Valley University, and a PTLS Level 3 in Teaching from the North College of London.

Tolis has taught a variety of guitar styles including rock, funk, jazz, indie, metal and many more. He also teaches on many different types of guitars like electric, acoustic, nylon and synth. He is also specialised on fretless guitar and on eastern sounds and rhythmic systems (Makam). Check his article series on Guitar Techniques magazine issues (140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146).

Tolis is also happy to teach anyone from a beginner level onwards. He can also help in preparation for entrance exams at university standards and grade exams from Trinity College and Rock School.


Hand techniques
Ear training
Odd Time Signatures
Advanced techniques


Tolis is based in north London and if you are interested in booking a lesson with him PLEASE EMAIL HIM HERE






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